Fired Up! – Kelly Roach

Fired Up! ? Kelly Roach – Episode 03

This week on the podcast is Kelly Roach. Kelly runs an online coaching business where she helps entrepreneurs become leaders, impact the world and grow their profits. In this episode Kelly will walk you through how to overcome self-doubt, learn how to pivot when things don’t go as expected.


  • Set backs can teach you valuable lessons about where/what you should really be doing.
  • Explore opportunities and jobs. Get out of your comfort zone and try things. Figure out where your head and your heart are.
  • When you stop learning and growing you start dying.
  • Doubt is constant and consistence. You just get better and pushing past it.
  • A tight and strategic approach to time management is essential for success in life and business.
  • Assess and reflect in a non-emotional way.

The Takeaway: 30 productive and meaningful hours at your job each week produces a bigger impact than 80 wasted hours.


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