Fired Up! – Leigh Steinberg

Fired Up! ? Leigh Steinberg – Episode 02

Leigh Steinberg is one of the greatest sports agents of all time. Director Cameron Crow shadowed Leigh for a year and loosely based the movie Jerry McGuire off him. Steinberg has represented over 300 athletes’ in football, baseball, basketball, boxing and Olympic Sports. Although he’s achieved great things, it wasn’t always easy for Leigh. In this episode you’ll hear how Leigh got his start and how he battled addiction, divorce and bankruptcy. After reaching rock bottom he rebounded and was able to rebuild his career and family life.


  • When Leigh began his career, agents didn’t have the right to represent players, most athletes’ represented themselves.
  • Steven Barkowski, a first round Quarterback pick, asked Leigh to represent him. Leigh ended up getting him the largest rookie contract in NFL history.
  • Leigh was a mastermind behind branding players.
  • After writing best selling books, being involved in a series of sports movies, Leigh grew his practice and raised hundreds of millions for charity.
  • When Leigh’s father died of cancer, his son was diagnosed with an eye disease and he got divorced, he began drinking.
  • Seven years of continuous sobriety.
  • Priorities: Sober first, great father second, build a business third.
  • 6 out of 7 of Leigh’s first years in his career, he represented first round picks in the NFL. At one point he had half the starting quarterbacks in the NFL on his client roster.

The Takeaway: To accomplish great things one must have an inner belief in themselves and then a vision; an ability to anticipate tomorrow and see a world that doesn’t exist today.

Quote: “At the end of life when you cut away all the minutia, all that will matter is the quality of relationships you had, the richness of your friendships and what you were able to give back to the world.”


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