Thom Shea – Episode 01

Fired Up! ? Thom Shea – Episode 01

Welcome to Fired Up! This is a new podcast by Matt Ritter and Alex Weber. The guys will be interviewing individuals who have risen from extreme turmoil to succeed at the highest levels. You’ll hear their stories of grit and determination as they walk you through what it took them to become top performers in their fields. This week’s episode is with Thom Shea, an award winning Navy Seal, Author and founder of the podcast “Unbreakable”.


  • Thom flunked out of WestPoint and failed Navy Seals training four times.
  • As a sniper, Thom first experienced combat in Kosovo. He was 29 years old.
  • A big part of SEALS training is preparing for things going bad.
  • Thom grew up around American War Hero’s.
  • After flunking out of WestPoint, Thom got advice to go live the life he’d dreamed of, becoming a Navy Seal.
  • Navy Seals are known as a group of “misfits” who have a passion for really difficult situations. It’s comprised of the most unique individuals in the armed forces.
  • Seals Hell Week is comprised of extreme mental and physical tests designed to destroy your mental spirit and break you down physically. They freeze you, confuse you and keep pushing you physically with little to no sleep.
  • Thom’s philosophy for success: Honor your word and test it often.
  • On combat missions Thom would learn things in battle, write them down and send them in letters to his kids.

The Takeaway: Quitting is easy when you’re stuck in a life you’re not passionate about. That’s why it’s important to follow your dreams. It’s harder to quit when you love and believe in what you’re doing.


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