2020 Contenders – Andrew Yang Wants to Pay You $1000…For your Vote – Ep 78

Andrew Yang is the topic of today’s discussion. Andrew is an American Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. He’s one of the 16 Democratic candidates that are gunning for a shot at the White House. He’s a bit of an obscure candidate, whose on a mission to end circumcision in the US and get the federal government to pay you a 1k a month salary, just because. He’s pro free Medicare for all Americans and wants to use his tech background to slow down the automated economy.


  • 1k a month, universal basic income
  • Am automated economy
  • Human-centered capitalism
  • Creating more jobs through tech
  • Regulating social media through an Ombudsman
  • Anti Circumcision

The Takeaway – If you’re angry about not being circumcised and you want the government to pay you 1k a month, then Andrew Yang is your guy.

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