“Acting” Attorney General – Episode 57

Trump is back in the news because of his appointment of Matthews Whitaker as Acting Attorney General. Is this a legal move? On the heels of this news, the guys jump into a discussion about what an “acting” attorney general means and how long Whitaker gets to stay in office. They guys also discuss Jeff Sessions resignation, and bring up some of Whitaker’s shady business deals.


  • [02:11] – Appointment without congressional approval.
  • [03:56] – The Constitution’s “Advice and Consent” Clause.
  • [06:58] – Congressional consent on a temporary appointment.
  • [10:13] – Jeff Session’s Resignation.
  • [12:21] – World Patent Marketing.
  • [13:30] – Masculine toilets with deep holes.
  • [19:10] – Jeff Session’s Tweets.
  • [22:13] – The maximum term for an Acting Attorney General is 210 days.

The Takeaway – The bottom line is this appointment is a disaster, whether it’s legal or not.

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