Are you Feeling the Bern – Examining The 2020 Frontrunner Bernie Sanders – Ep 73

In today’s episode the guys are examining Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential bid. Bernie has long been a favorite for young progressives in this country and might have a solid chance at solidifying the democratic nomination for the 2020 election. Though a little bit outrageous and easy to make fun of, Bernie has championed a lot of good causes throughout his career in politics. In this episode the guys are diving into some of Bernie’s history, before politics and during his time as mayor and a senator.


  • [04:40] – Feeling the Bern
  • [07:24] – Honeymoon in Russia
  • [09:40] – Bernie’s folk album and how he was desperate for fame
  • [13:13] – Willis Wagons
  • [18:00] – Bernie’s Resume
  • [24:48] – Gun manufacturers immunity from class action suits
  • [27:30] – Bernie Sanders ice cream
  • [32:32] – King Of the Amendments

The Takeaway – Whether or not you like Bernie he has always fought for the underdog.

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