Avenatti’s Domestic Dispute- Episode 58

The boys are back after taking last week off for Thanksgiving. The topic of the day is Michael Avenatti’s alleged attack on his ex-girlfriend Mareli Miniutti. Miniutti is claiming that Avenatti hit her forcefully in the face with a pillow and then dragged her across the apartment floor. Matt and Tony dive into this story and make plenty of wise cracks aimed at Avenatti.


  • [02:02] – Restraining order against the creepy porn lawyer.
  • [05:12] – Doing Gods Work.
  • [06:58] – The alleged actress – “Girl At Party.”
  • [08:30] – Sugar Daddy
  • [14:55] – Shady business deals.

The Takeaway – Don’t date a 24 year old when you’re in your 40’s.

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