Calexit – Ep 68

Today’s episode is about the Calexit movement. Calexit is the term used to describe breaking California up into different sections based on geography. While not a new movement, the idea of isolation has gotten stronger because of Trumps presidency. Some people supporting the movement want California to become it’s own country, while others want to split it in half or even thirds. While CA does have the 5th largest economy in the world and a liberal free spirited attitude, splitting off from the US or getting chopped up into different states is not that simple. In this episode Matt and Tony discuss the movement, it’s possibly outcomes and the legalities behind splitting up The Golden State.


  • [02:58] – Brexit but for California
  • [04:44] – 220 official proposals to divide CA
  • [07:23] – The compromise of 1850
  • [08:20] – Shasta, not the soda
  • [08:45] – Pushing out Al Franken
  • [10:30] – A three way split proposal in 1992
  • [14:45] – The worlds largest economies
  • [15:10] – Cascadia
  • [17:05] – Would have to amend the constitution

The Takeaway – Although it’s possible to break up CA, it’s unlikely and would take major adjustments to the constitution.

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