Can Beto O’Rourke Skateboard his way to the White House? – Ep 71

Aaron Karo joins the guys on the podcast today. Aaron is a long time friend of Matt and he’s here to give his opinions about potential presidential candidate Beto O’ Rourke. The guys discuss whether or not Beto would be a good candidate while also brining up some of the skeletons in his closet. They also jump into a segment about the history of presidential drinking in our country. Turns out alcoholism and presidency go hand in hand.


  • [03:33] – Superfan question
  • [05:41] – Examining contenders or pretenders
  • [07:18] – Being aggressive in El Paso
  • [11:20] – Beto’s skeletons
  • [19:32] – The history of Presidential drinking
  • [27:21] – Teddy Kennedy’s drunk driving
  • [37:40] – Beto’s voting record

The Takeaway – As a public figure it’s best to come out and tell the truth about your past mistakes and run ins with the law.

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