Can The President Declare A National Emergency? – Ep 65

The government is shut down and Trump and his beloved wall are back in the news. Trump is eager to get the wall built, but a lot of his party and the majority of democrats are against it. He’s threatening to call the country into a state of emergency and get the wall built via emergency funds. Does he have the power to do that? Matt and Tony dive into the history of National Emergencies and discuss whether or not declaring a national emergency for the wall are within Trump’s powers.


  • [04:22] – Schumer and Pelosi – The worlds worst public speakers
  • [05:05] – Emergency procedures for The President
  • [10:18] – Youngstown Sheet, 1952
  • [14:20] – The National Emergencies Act
  • [16:49] – George W Bush sanctions Zimbabwe
  • [22:16] – Adam Schiff beefs with Trump
  • [23:51] – The Presidents power and authority
  • [26:33] – The fence and the war on drugs

The Takeaway – This stand off and shutdown doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the finish line.

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