Climate Laws – Do We Have Fundamental Right to Breathe Clean Air – Ep 95

Climate change is an on-going debate in this country. Recently a group of teens filed a lawsuit against the US government – Juliana vs. The US. These teens are saying that they have a right to a stable climate and that the trump administration is destroying the environment. This lawsuit caused the guys to dig into the history of climate laws in the US. In this episode they discuss the environmental regulations Trump has removed, the air quality in LA and NYC in the 1970’s, nuclear energy and more.



  • Our Children’s Trust
  • Trump has removed 84 environmental regulations
  • Light bulb regulations
  • Car manufacturers regulations
  • The Air Pollution Control Act of 1955
  • Nuclear energy is surprisingly the cleanest
  • Acid Rain


The Takeaway – We’ve come a long way with cleaning up the environment, but we still have a long way to go. Surprisingly nuclear energy is the most efficient and cleanest.






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