College Players Finally Get Paid Maybe – Thanks to Ed O’Bannon and Gavin Newsom– Ep 99

Today the guys are discussing the recent bill signed by Gavin Newsom that allows college athletes to start making money from sponsorship opportunities. They break down the pro’s and con’s of this move and discuss the insane amount of revenue that Universities make from NCAA sports and how well paid their coaches are. Also, Matt and Tony dive into some of the history of college athletes getting treated poorly and how video game giant EA Sports was using student athletes in it’s games without compensation.



  • “You cant trust a man with a ton of hair gel”
  • Student athletes making money through endorsements
  • Student athletes getting injured in the 1950’s
  • Ed O’ Bannon vs. EA Sports
  • Nick Saban’s 11 million dollar salary
  • Judge Wilkin rules in favor of college athletes


The Takeaway – There will be many people for and against college athletes getting paid. Expect to see a lot of push back from the universities, unless they get their cut of the money.






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