Crazy Laws Of Each State – Episode 27

Legally Insane – Episode 27

The guys have a show April 5th at The Hollywood Improv. There are still some tickets available, so act fast. Matt and Tony’s last show sold out! For this weeks Pod the guys are switching it up. Tony is bringing in the topic for Matt to comment on. This week’s topic is “Crazy Laws Of Each State”.


  • [05:17] – In Alabama it’s illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in church.
  • [09:46] – In Alaska it’s illegal to wake up a sleeping bear to wake a photo.
  • [11:22] – In Arizona it’s illegal for Donkey’s to sleep in bathtubs.
  • [12:09] – In California a Frog that dies during a frog umping contest cannot legally be eaten.
  • [15:15] – In Connecticut a pickle cannot legally be considered a pickle, unless it bounces.
  • [17:25] – Tony once dated a girl whose brother had warts on his feet. Everyone called him Pickle.
  • [18:44] – In Massachusetts it’s illegal to own an explosive golf ball.
  • [20:38] – In Iowa one-armed Piano players must play for free.
  • [25:17] – In Alaska you can’t get drunk in a bar.


The Takeaway: Don’t get fancy and try to reenact one of these laws

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