Did Fortnite Steal the Carlton? Copyrighting Dance moves – Ep 61

Throughout history people have been envious of each other’s dance moves. Some dances have designated steps such as the line dance or the electric slide. Others have bits and pieces of traditional moves blended with original flow. In today’s episode you’ll learn about copy write history as it pertains to dances and dance moves. The idea the show today is coming off the heels of the new that actor Alfonso Ribeiro is suing the Fortnite creators for allowing their video game characters to do “The Carlton”.


  • [03:10] – Dancing “emote’s” in Fortnite
  • [04:28] – Alfonso Ribeiro sues the Fortnite creators
  • [04:55] – You can copy write dances, not dance moves
  • [06:03] – The backpack kid
  • [10:50] – In 1909 copy write law was defined and re-defined in the 70’s
  • [15:39] – Nobody has prevailed by arguing that
  • [21:40] – Mass dances – The Zombification of society
  • [26:32] – Gesticulations

The Takeaway – Be original

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