Divorce Law – Reno – Divorcetown, USA – Episode 10

  • Learn what divorce law is all about.
  • Learn how Reno became the divorce capital of the world.
  • Know the different ground for divorce per state.
  • The Recap

    On this week’s episode, Matt and Tony deep dive into some of the craziest and darkest parts of the legal history of the United States. Matt is a recovering Big Law attorney­turned­comedian with a passion for legal history, while Tony has no legal background whatsoever – except for a few minor brushes with the law. Ultimately, it’s Tony’s absurd and funny point of view on laws that will rub Matt the hilarious way.

    Matt & Tony walk listeners through the divorce law history in the United States as they talks about some bizarre quikie divorces stories from the Reno divorce era and some other famous divorce cases. Also learn why Matt called Tony as the ‘The Ringman’.

    Check out these episode highlights

    • [03:11] – Sam’s divorce story at 34
    • [11:36] – Different grounds for Divorce in different US states
    • [14:20] – Idiocy as grounds for divorce in Mississippi
    • [16:04] – Reno, Nevada as 1930­-1960’s Divorce Capital
    • [23:09] – 6­minute divorce process in Reno
    • [26:35] – Mary Pickford, Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr., Jack Dempsey, Rita Hayworth, Gloria Vanderbilt and many others sought Reno’s quickie divorces
    • [28:11] – interesting divorce cases: Cat Lady, Eddie Murphy, Kobe, Neil Diamond
    • [33:55] – Joe Piscopo divorce case and celebrity goodwill as marital property
    • [40:54] – Community property states, co­mingling, and prenuptial agreement

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