Employer Liability- French Man’s Affair Considered Within The Scope of Employment – Ep 96

When is an employer held liable for an employee’s actions? It depends on the scope of work, or employment. The legal scope of employment is the range of activities that an employee is reasonably expected to do as part of his or her job. Within this range of activities, the employer may be held liable for the employee’s actions when a third party is injured by the employee’s conduct. Today Matt and Tony examine a recent French case involving scope of employment as well as several other funny US cases.



  • Xavier The Frenchman’s death
  • France considers any accident that happens during a business trip to be work related
  • The US Scope Of employment
  • Helicopter crashed cause by clipboard
  • The Country Club testicle
  • A tub of tampons


The Takeaway – Whether or not your employer is liable depends on your scope of work.







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