Examining Marianne Williamson’s Candidacy and the Dark Psychic Forces – Ep 92

Author, Activist and 2020 Democratic candidate Marianne Williamson is the topic of discussion today. She’s the founder of Project Angel Food and the co-founder of the Peace Alliance. While she’s certainly done a lot of good in the world, she’s a bit of an oddball. That’s what Matt and Tony are going to be diving into today. Specifically the metaphysical bookstore she ran in the early 80’s, her “Orwellian” stance on vaccines and how “nothing occurs outside our minds”.



  • Switching accents during the debate
  • A conservative Jew
  • Being an opportunist
  • Promoting Huxters
  • Serving up some Angel Food cake
  • Vaccines are Orwellian
  • Running for office without a college degree

The Takeaway – She’s done some good things for society but her strange past might come back to haunt her.









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