Genital Mutilation Laws – Episode 59


Genital mutilation has been a big issue historically, throughout the world. Recently a law was passed in Michigan that protecting girls from genital mutilation is unconstitutional. Surprisingly this practice is still commonplace in some religions and throughout different countries. Disgusted, Matt and Tony dive into this topic and divulge some of the history of genital mutilation.


  • [04:30] – Federal Judge shoots down genital mutilation protection law.
  • [05:00] – Michigan doctors mutilate young girls clitorises.
  • [07:00] – 23 states have laws banning genital mutilation.
  • [11:10] – The Commerce Clause.
  • [13:54] – The USA vs. Lopez
  • [14:57] – Male circumcision practices.

The Takeaway – We need to quell any abhorrent religious practices.

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