Horrible Supreme Court Justices- The Four Horsemen vs FDR – Episode 22

Legally Insane – Episode 22


Most people don’t think about the origins of certain laws. At some point in history somebody had to be first. Somebody had to screw up! In this episode we’re going to take you back to The Great Depression and discuss Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “New Deal” and the worst Supreme Court Justice of all time.


  • [01:08] – The Great Depression started on October 29th, 1929, under President Hoover. The stock market crashed and the nations money supply diminished.
  • [02:33] – FDR came into office after Hoover and started “The New Deal”. This was a series of experimental programs and projects aimed at reform and relief.
  • [06:30] – By 1933 FDR had ended prohibition and signed a number of bills into action.
  • [09:50] – On August 14th 1935 FDR signed the Social Security Act, which was an insurance program designed to pay workers a continuous income after retirement at the age of 65.
  • [14:24] – By the late 1930’s the Supreme Court was filled with conservative judges who began striking down some of Roosevelt’s programs. So, in 1937 FDR announced a plan to add liberal justices to the court to neutralize the conservatives. This was called “The Court Packing Scheme”.
  • [22:33] – FDR issued an executive order confiscating all gold coins and bullion.
  • [29:33] – The minimum wage was $12.44 a week in 1937.
  • [31:18] – James Clark McReynolds, one of the worst Supreme Court Justices of all time.
  • [45:48] – In 1941 the US recovered from the recession because of Pearl Harbor, not the new deal.






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