Is Bill De Blasio Pulling a Prank? – Examining 2020 Contender – Pretenders – Ep 82

Today’s discussion is all about Bill De Blasio. Bill is current mayor of NYC and has announced his 2020 Presidential bid. De Blasio has always had the reputation of being a little bit of a simpleton. He’s done a lot of questionable things and had a lot of questionable ideas as mayor of New York. Matt and Tony are going to dig into his past on today’s episode and discuss some of his mostly worst moments as mayor, while touching on a few of the good things he’s campaigned for.



  • In a poll, only 5% of New Yorkers favored De Blasio for President in 2020
  • The infamous Cuban honeymoon
  • Accidentally killing the groundhog on groundhog day
  • Fork and knifing pizza
  • Free preschool for the kids of NYC residents
  • Bedtime Bill
  • Championing a $15 minimum wage
  • Loving the Boston Red Sox


The Takeaway – Though not the worst candidate, it’s unlikely that De Blasio will win the democratic bid.


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