It’s Not a Concentration Camp, but It’s Still Hellish. The Border Crisis and The Flores Lawsuit that Stopped Child Strip Searches – Ep 87

In today’s episode Matt and Tony are going to be discussing the recent situation with immigrants being detained at the boarder. Children are being separated from their families and are being kept without things like toothpaste, soap and blankets to sleep with. There’s currently an estimated 52,000 people being detained at the boarder and there’s really no clear-cut solution on what to do with these people and how to provide with them adequate human necessities and living conditions.



  • Determining the detainee’s needs
  • Strip searching immigrant teens and children in the 1980’s, at the US boarder
  • The Flores Settlement Agreement
  • Immigrants claiming asylum get priority at the boarder
  • The definition of asylum is loosening
  • As of May 20th, 2019 more than 52,000 people are being detained by ICE
  • Trump claims 90% of the immigrants at the boarder don’t attend their hearings. The Left claims its closer to 20%


The Takeaway – We need to stop looking at people like they’re objects. We need to humanize the situation and figure out how to properly care for, treat and process these immigrants. There’s not easy solution, but this is a bi-partisan humanitarian crisis.


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