Jeff Bezos vs. The Enquirer – The History of BlackMail- Ep 70

Nobodies’ personal selfies are safe. Recently, the National Enquirer has threatened to leak nude photos of Jeff Bezos. Their tactic appears to have backfired as Bezos decided instead accuse the enquirer of trying to blackmail him. He paid for investigations to determine how his selfie fell into the hands of the tabloids. In this episode Matt and Tony cover the story and jump into a little bit of the history of blackmail and extortion.


  • [02:30] – Bezos dick pics
  • [04:35] – Bezos accuses the enquirer of blackmail
  • [06:18] – Blackmail in the bible
  • [08:49] – The first political sex scandal in the USA
  • [11:34] – Catch and Kill
  • [19:04] – Extortion for a public statement
  • [24:09] – Jeff BOZO

The Takeaway – Extortion doesn’t have to be for money. It’s illegal when its used for something of “value”.

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