Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedo Island – The Sex Trafficking Case that May Bring Down Everyone – Ep 91

Hedge Fund Manager, Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested for allegedly sex trafficking minors. This is on the heels of him pleading guilty to soliciting prostitution involving a minor in 2008. Epstein owns a private island called “Little St. James”. Allegedly this is where he would take underage girls, hold them hostage, and him and his friends would have their way with them. Many of Hollywood’s Elite and powerful Government officials were said to have partied with Epstein and visited his island.



  • Non prosecution agreement in 2008
  • “A Collector of People”
  • Only working with Billionaires
  • Unexplained Wealth
  • Epstein’s Temple
  • Digital photos of young women hidden in Epstein’s safe
  • Cy Vance, the scumbag District Attorney of NYC
  • The Sex offender levels and point system
  • Hanging with Hollywood’s Elite
  • NYC’s – Child Victim’s Act


The Takeaway – Let’s put this guy away


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