Kamala Harris – Potential President – Examining the Very Minor Skeletons in Her Closet – Ep 66

Today’s episode begs the question: “Exactly what qualifications should a person have to run for President?” Matt and Tony examine this question while jumping into a rumored 2020 presidential run by Kamala Harris. In this episode you’ll hear how Kamala’s political career was built off an affair with former SF Mayor Willie Brown. Matt and Tony also reveal Kamala’s efforts while serving as Attorney General of CA and District Attorney of San Francisco.


  • [03:55] – Pronouncing “Kamala”
  • [05:28] – Charging parents with misdemeanors for their kids truancy
  • [07:20] – Obama has a crush on Kamala
  • [08:07] – Familiar DNA matches
  • [13:30] – Hiding Catholic Church abuse
  • [16:04] – 25 Billion Dollar settlement with the 5 largest mortgage companies
  • [20:07] – Kamala’s affair with Willie Brown
  • [28:00] – Minimum qualifications to run for President

The Takeaway – Kamala Harris has only a few minor skeletons in her closet. She’d make a great presidential candidate.

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