Kirsten Gillibrand Announces Her 2020 Presidential Bid – Ep 67

On the heels of last weeks episode highlighting Kamala’s Harris’s presidential bid announcement, the guys decide to focus on another strong female candidate whose running in 2020, Kirsten Gillibrand. Kristen started her career in big law as a defense attorney for the cigarette giant Philip Morris. After her career in law she was eventually appointed as a Senator of New York. In this episode Matt and Tony break down her career moves, her ever changing political ideology and how she’s a strong candidate for 2020.


  • [12:05] – An appointed Senator
  • [16:20] – Representing Philip Morris for more then a decade
  • [22:05] – Fabricating junior attorney stories
  • [25:30] – Flip flopping on immigration policies
  • [31:20] – Pushing out Al Franken
  • [34:10] – A leader of the “Me Too” movement

The Takeaway – There’s going to be a strong list of female candidates for the 2020 election.

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