Legally Insane – Can Trump Hide His Tax Returns – Episode 98

In this episode Matt and Tony get into the latest Trump legal fiasco. An NY Judge ruled that he cannot use the DOJ guideline to hide his tax returns. In a quite blistering ruling, the Judge basically called it an outrage to justice. It will be in front of the 2nd circuit soon. It made the guys decide to a deep dive into the IRS website to find out what other frivolous arguments people are using to get out of paying their taxes. Nobody did it better than the legendary Wesley Snipes, well except for the fact that he got 3 years. They also award the Legally-In-Shame of the week to Dominos Pizza who denied a blind man access to their website. The Supreme court ruled they had to make it ADA compliant so he too could get wasted and share in the grossness. 

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