“Lights Out”- Halloween Laws – Episode 55

Legally Insane

“Lights Out”- Halloween Laws – Episode 55

Halloween is upon us and on this spooky show Matt and Tony discuss some Halloween specific laws. Bet you didn’t know that nobody no kid has ever died as result of tainted Halloween candy. Also the guys have a show at The Hollywood Improv tomorrow, November 1st at 7pm. Get your tickets today!


  • [05:20] – The Egg Mobile.
  • [07:24] – Firecracker in a trick or treater’s bag.
  • [08:15] – Trick or treat age laws.
  • [10:56] – No silly string in Hollywood.
  • [13:03] – No record of kids being killed or injured from candy.
  • [15:02] – Candy filled with objects.
  • [16:28] – Sex Offender Halloween laws.
  • [31:25] – Grandfathered in Sex Offenders.

The Takeaway – If somebody has their lights off tonight and a “No Candy” sign, they’ve done some bad things.

Hollywood Improv Ticket Link: https://www.ticketweb.com/event/legally-insane-with-matt-ritter-hollywood-improv-the-lab-tickets/8716505?pl=hollyimprov&REFID=hollywoodimprov&_ga=2.165118204.2128634537.1540409714-TW.1.0.5b999d81a156a







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