Litigation Funding – Gawker vs. Terry Bolea aka Hulk Hogan – Episode 7 sponsored by Peter Thiel

  • Learn the gray areas of freedom of speech
  • Learn the booming business of litigation financing

The Recap

On this week’s episode, Matt and Tony deep dive into some of the craziest and darkest parts of the legal history of the United States. Matt is a recovering Big Law attorney-turned-comedian with a passion for legal history, while Tony has no legal background whatsoever – except for a few minor brushes with the law. Ultimately, it’s Tony’s absurd and funny point of view on laws that will rub Matt the hilarious way.

Expect endless Hulk Hogan-mimicking from Matt and Sam as they tackle the topic of litigation funding this week. They discuss the Hulk’s recent involvement in a litigation settlement versus Gawker, an online media company.

Check out these episode highlights

  • [07:26] – Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker Media case
  • [14:13] – Silicon Valley Billionaire Peter Thiel funded Logan’s case
  • [14:30] – What is litigation funding?
  • [15:04] – Gawker Media files for bankruptcy
  • [18:40] – History of litigation funding
  • [23:10] – Litigation case examples
  • [27:03] – The booming business of litigation funding
  • [33:30] – The gray areas of freedom of speech
  • [36:05] – Now that the saga is over, how much is the settlement Hulk received from Gawker?

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