Marbury Vs Madison – Episode 53

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Marbury Vs Madison – Episode 53

Marbury vs. Madison was arguably the biggest and most influential Supreme Court Case of all time, it’s the case that gave the court it’s power. On this episode the guys sit down and dissect this case. They also touch on some Supreme Court history, how political groups try and stack the court, changing the amount of justices on the court and why Elizabeth Warren isn’t Cherokee.


  • [03:05] – Packing the Supreme Court.
  • [06:57] – Marbury vs. Madison is the reason the court has their power.
  • [09:11] – John Adams midnight appointments in 1803.
  • [10:34] – Marbury appointed.
  • [12:06] – Writ Of Mandamus.
  • [20:40] – Elizabeth Warren isn’t Cherokee.
  • [25:18] – The Supreme Court takes a year off.
  • [26:45] – The court tries Marbury vs. Madison at a hotel.
  • [31:23] – Today’s Supreme Court justices make $250,000 a year.

The Takeaway – Changing the dynamic of the court isn’t a good idea. We should keep the court at 9 justices.

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