Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s Bid For The White House – Ep 75


Pete Buttigieg, a naval reservist, Afghanistan War Veteran and current Mayor of South Bend Indiana is running for President in 2020. While certainly an accomplished individual and someone who definitely has presidential qualities, Buttgieg is unlikely make it past the primaries. He’s 37 years old, openly gay and far left leaning. While America could be ready for an openly gay president, he’s still very young and in a lot of people’s minds he doesn’t have the life experience needed to make extremely tough decisions for the country. Otherwise, he’s a picture perfect Harvard Graduate. Today, Matt and Tony discuss Buttigieg and whether or not they think he has a shot at President.


  • Scotch Eggs on a first date
  • The first, first man in the White House
  • 2017 Loss for the DNC Chair
  • 15 Supreme Court members
  • Is the country ready for a gay president?
  • Claiming to speak 7 languages
  • Being president in your 30’s

The Takeaway – While a true scholar and accomplished individual, Buttgieg is a huge long shot.

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