New Laws For 2019 –Ep 64

2019 is upon us and Matt and Tony are discussing some new laws that have just taken effect for the New Year. Unsurprisingly some of the big ones were put in place by California and New York. In this episode Matt and Tony have some laughs and discuss who these new laws are going to help and who they’re going to hurt.


  • [05:34] – 19 states increase minimum wage
  • [07:25] – Pet stores in California can only sell shelter or rescue dogs, cats and rabbits
  • [13:58] – Public corporations must add at least one women to the board of directors
  • [14:52] – In Illinoi, hunters are now allowed to wear pink
  • [16:55] – California banned non-disclosure agreements for sexual harassment settlement cases
  • [21:38] – Florida restored voting rights to former felons, except for murderers and sexual predators
  • [23:06] – Utah DUI level is now .05%
  • [24:14] – In California judges now decided which person will get custody of a pet in a divorce
  • [29:33] – Vermont paying people 10k to move to their state

The Takeaway – We’re in for a hell of a year.

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