Reserve Clause – Episode 25

The guys open the show joking about their previous careers and how their distaste for their old jobs led them to be comedians. Both of the guys are big sports fans and kick off the show discussing sports teams they have a mutual hatred for. This leads them to discussing Baseball laws and The Reserve Clause.



  • [04:00] – The reserve clause allowed teams to reserve their players for the year. Other teams tried to start signing these reserved players.
  • [07:40] – The Sherman Anti Trust Act tried to protect against business monopolies.
  • [09:00] – Federal Baseball vs. The National League
  • [18:02] – Danny Gardella left the MLB to play for the “outlaw” Mexican League in 1946
  • [20:08] – Flood vs. Kuhn in 1972
  • [25:50] – Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger did an 11th hour flip-flop and killed Floods case.
  • [32:05] – Flood is responsible for the lot of the financial success of current players.

 The Takeaway:

The Supreme Court is capable of wrong doing.





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