School Busing – What The Heck Were Kamala and Biden Talking About – Ep 88

The 2020 Democratic debate has come and gone, but the interaction between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden is still in the news. Kamala Harris accused Joe Biden of supporting segregationist senators and opposing bussing. Desegregation Bussing is the practice of transporting students to schools in different neighborhoods in an effort to address racial segregation. Biden has since denied opposing bussing overall. Today, Matt and Tony dissect the uproar between Joe and Kamala and discuss the history of Bussing.



  • Brown vs. Board of Education
  • Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg, ruled the courts can use bussing as a desegregation tool.
  • The White Flight
  • The Second Great Migration
  • Southern Manifesto
  • A 1999 poll showed 82% agreed that letting students go to their neighborhood school would be better than achieving racial balance through bussing
  • In The Roberts Court, the Supreme Court struck down a lot of race based integration plans


The Takeaway – For better or worse the majority of the American public is against bussing.


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