Voting Rights Laws – Episode 54

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Voting Rights Laws – Episode 54

With the mid-term elections coming up, Matt and Tony have a conversation about voting rights laws. They discuss their origin and how they were originally targeted at minorities, to keep them from voting. In this episode you’ll learn about literacy tests and poll taxes for black voters and how there are many states in which you don’t need an ID to vote.


  • [00:58] – Midterm elections are coming up this November. Make sure you vote.
  • [03:43] – In Georgia the Secretary Of State Bryan Kemp is running for Governor. He’s also responsible for enforcing voting laws.
  • [04:40] – Exact Match Policy.
  • [08:20] – In many states including California you don’t need an ID to vote.
  • [11:26] – If you can’t get an ID maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.
  • [12:17] – 15th Amendment was ratified in the 1800s and was only enforced 100 years later.
  • [12:50] – Literacy tests and poll taxes for African Americans.
  • [15:00] – Lyndon B Johnson outlaws literacy tests for black voters.
  • [17:40] – In 1965 in Mississippi 70% of whites were registered to vote, 7% for blacks.

The Takeaway – It’s clear that a lot of new voter ID laws are intended to suppress minority votes. The flipside is we need to get ID’s for everybody. This would help with getting rid of voter fraud.

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