What to do About Morals Clauses in the Age of Cancel Culture – Ep 86

Cancel culture upon us, it seems that every time an actor, or high profile person makes a mistake, the public wants to end their career. That’s why today were touching on Morals Clauses. Morals Clauses are provisions within the instruments of a contract, which curtail certain behavior of individuals. I.e. if a Nike sponsored athlete screws up, Nike has to right to revoke their sponsorship or payments to that person. Today you’ll learn why high profile people might start pushing back on these clauses.



  • Universal Studios wrote the first known morals clause, for actors
  • Babe Ruth’s indulgences
  • In the 19040’s and 50’s morals clauses found their way into politics
  • The Hollywood 10
  • Loews v. Cole
  • Dimitri Marick’s coke problem
  • Nike Kept Kobe, Tiger Woods and Ben Roethlisberger’s contracts
  • Reverse Moral’s Clauses
  • Enron Stadium – Houston Astro’s debacle


The Takeaway – Celebrities and Athletes need to think long and hard whether they need to push back on morals clauses, so their contract doesn’t get voided by some mistake they made in their past, that society digs up on them.


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